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Name:Anne Forsythe
Birthdate:Mar 26
Location:United States of America
My name is Anne Forsythe. Professionally, I'm in the entertainment entertainment, former Playmate (June 2004) and currently an editor for Playboy. Personally, I'm the second oldest child in my family...adopted...I'm bisexual with a preference for men, and I don't take commitment lightly. That means I'm interested in it, but not actively seeking it out. My family comes first, my standards are high...and I'm rarely wrong about anything. I'm not being conceited...just ask anyone.
The People, or The Folk, are a race descended from but quite separate from werewolves. Having been driven out of the old country centuries ago, the discipline of shapeshifting has long since been lost. They are merely ferals now, blending in with the rest of humanity while clinging to and passing down the old ways through the thinning bloodlines. They share many of Man's weaknesses along with their own strengths: they are fast, agile, gifted with keen eyesight, hearing and sense of smell, and tend to congregate into large packs of large families.

Among The Folk, the elders' word is law in all things, save for marriage: it is the tradition of The People that the female chooses her own mate, a mate that she deems her equal in all things. They are predominantly, but not exclusively carnivorous, preferring to hunt and kill their own prey. They tend to see other races as either fellow hunters (vampires, lycans and certain humans), or weak minded sheep.
Anne was born in Boston, Massachusetts to a relatively well off family. Her family was uncharacteristically small, with only a dozen relations to speak of in her pack. To this day, she doesn't remember the reason she came out to California with her parents and two older brothers. She knows they were all out camping...and she knows that someone killed them all.

She was sixteen years old when the men came, men she no longer remembers. In a chaotic mess of violence, blood, and fear, sixteen year old Anne's human mind abandoned her, her feral nature taking over to protect her. With the animal in control, she slipped away into the Angeles National Forest to nurse her wounds and hunt for food. She has no memory of how her parents and brothers died, only what her savior later told her. She remembers only a sea of red, and a kind, grizzled old man that found her and gently coaxed her home.

The man, Horatio Walker, was the patriarch of a large clan of the Folk based primarily in the Southern California area. After nursing Anne back to health, talking with her, then consulting with the remnants of her clan back home, Horatio gave Anne to his son Carlton, where she became the second eldest of their children. With older brother Harvey and little sisters Christine and Cadence, Anne found a new home.

After winning an amateur contest at the age of eighteen, one she entered on a whim while out with friends, Anne began working as a stripper. She quickly graduated to the higher class clubs, and eventually had her name thrown into the arena to pose for Playboy, and was voted Miss June in 2004. She was offered an internship at the magazine, and currently alternates between posing and working as a staff editor for Playboy. She's currently jockeying for a position as an art director.

NOTES (OOC knowledge only)

Though The Folk are not shapeshifters, as ferals they are deeply in touch with their animal nature. As such, violence comes naturally to them, as does pack behavior and hunting. Anne lives in the city, but takes frequent trips into the mountains to visit with her siblings and her parents where they run free through the woods and hunt to their hearts content.

Along with being one of the Folk, Anne is a Seer. Like it sounds, she has insight into future events, often coming in the form of prophetic dreams and simple gut instinct as to various outcomes. In other words? Don't bet against her: she's rarely wrong. Anne sees her gift precisely this way, uncomfortable believing she is gifted though her grandfather often calls her his little Cassandra.
Not Holly Madison, Anne is my own creation, and the creation of her people belongs to the mun for gunpowder_eyes. She's a nonfandom OC, and I'm making no profit from this journal. Don't sue, don't steal, don't do drugs...drugs are bad. :P

WARNING: This journal is rated NC-17. It will contain adult content including but not limited to: graphic sexual situations, femmeslash, graphic violence, gore, and frightening imagery. If any of this squicks you, move along. You've been warned.
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